Co-Chair: Kerry Wiemokly and Steve Daugherty   

Functions of the Landscape Committee:

The Landscape Committee leads our annual Kid Fish event and serves as judges for the popular summer and holiday Yard of the Month competitions and acts as a second set of ‘eyes’ for the community. The committee also advises management of any landscaping needs, such as repairs, broken sprinkler heads, etc.

There are two ways you can become involved: 1- Committee members serve as judges to choose a yard from the neighborhood considered to look the best for the month or 2- Help in the selection of the seasonal color that goes in the beds and entrances. Three or four times a year, the committee meets for seasonal color selection.


We need you!!! If you would like to get involved or have questions regarding the Landscape Committee please contact

Yard of the Month Winners
The Landscape Committee would like to congratulate the winners and send their thanks to all homeowners who are working hard to keep our neighborhood looking beautiful!!!

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