Co-Chair: Myrick Gafford, Dan Lorts and Danny Mladan  

Although we are in a neighborhood, we are still in a rural area. There is wildlife all around us. Coyotes, Bobcats, Skunks and rabbits are everywhere and can carry many diseases including rabies. If you spot any wild animal please leave it alone and if you feel you are in danger, call animal control or the Sheriff, DO NOT try to capture. We also have had many poisonous spiders including Brown recluse and Black Widows in our area. Just make sure the kids are aware not to touch or play with any spiders. We have lots of good spiders too that eat bugs so take some time to learn the differences and don't squish the good ones.

Keep garage doors CLOSED. People can steal things from your garage or enter your home very easily, which could be dangerous.

It is a good idea to meet your neighbors and not only exchange numbers but keep them in your cell phone. This way if you are away from the home and need to contact a neighbor to look out for your house you will have their number readily available.

Possible DANGER with tree stakes. Recently a young man was severely injured by the almost invisible tree stake wires that appear on newly planted trees. It has been recommended that once a tree has been planted that it be staked for up to 2 years. So, if the trees in your yard are past that point and secure you might want to consider removing the tree stakes and wires as they can be a hazard to children who may fall and injure themselves. If they need to remain, there is several ways to make them appear more visible to kids and possibly save the risk of injury. Pool Noodles can be cut down the sides and applied to the wires, old water hoses can also be used. Home Depot carries several other options to help make the tree staked areas safer.


A few Safety reminders for our Neighborhood...

  • Please watch your speed, we have many reports of people speeding down our streets, this is a major safety concern for all involved.

  • Most homes in Woodcreek are front entry be very careful when backing out that there are no kids, adults or animals in your driveway prior to backing out.

  • All dogs outside of your home or back yard must be on leashes.

  • Continue to watch new home construction, if you see anyone there after 7pm, please call the Sheriff. Items from new home under construction have been missing.

Sheriff’s Office - The Sheriff’s Department wants to help us keep this community safe!  Calls to them when “things just don’t seem right” or when there is obvious misconduct by residents allow them to intervene and possibly prevent a major criminal incident from occurring.  Put this number in your cell phone (972) 204-7001 and don’t hesitate to call if you’ve got a concern.

  • Poison Control: 1.800.222.1222

  • Animal Control: 972-382-3647

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